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Win-Fast Line Ltd (WFL), which is established in 2004 by Mr. Johnny with 20 years experience in NVOCC business. With the great effort in the past years, we have acknowledged various experiences in shipping field. We can provide the high efficient, innovative and low cost service together with the progress of the the shipping industry.
We have a couple of staff with 7-8 years experiences in shipping and container management. Together with the morden EDI and equipment control systems, we can provide better service to our customer. In the begining of WFL, we mainly operate Hkg/Macau/P.R.D China lines, have long-term contract with HIT, MTL&Macau 5A/7A Terminal, which will reduce the time and cost for the shipmts in local and transhipmt to PRD via Hong Kong. With the developmt of this lane, we open the lane fm N.China to South East Asia and Middle East...... With the professional idea and high quality team, we achieved great achievements in the past years in container shipping field.Until now, we have built our own network fm China to Hkg/Macau/S.E.Asia/Middle East/Oceania.
History of WIN-FAST:

2004                   Company Build in this year

2005                   Open N.China to Macau line

2006                   Open N.China to Hong Kong line

2007                   Open N.China to P.R.D. China and other South China ports (Via Hkg)

2010                   Begain to do the business in warehouse and depot(storage/management/repare)

2010                   Open N.China to Singapore/Malaysia

2011                   Open N.China to Vietnam/Thailand/Philiphine

2012                   Open N.China to Indonesia

2013                   Open Tianjin office to Hkg/Macau/S.E.ASIA....      

2014                   Open N. China to Phnom Phen/Semarang    

2015                   Open N.China to Australia(SYD/MEL/BNE)

2016                   Open Dalian office to Hkg/Macau/S.E.ASIA....

2018                   Open Lianyungang office to Hkg/Macau/S.E.ASIA....

2022                   Open Indonesia office to Hkg/Macau/S.E.ASIA....

2022                   Open Vietnam office to Hkg/Macau/S.E.ASIA....

2023                   Open Malaysia office to Hkg/Macau/S.E.ASIA....